Charlize Hoang

BA (Hons) Animation


I’m Charlize (Char for short), and I’m an illustrator and background painter for animation. I love working with textures and colours, using these techniques to create environments that reflect the moods and feelings of the characters that exist in them, as well as imbuing my worlds with an element of the fantastical. My showreel consists of shots from the three films I’ve made during my time at UCA: my second-year films, ‘Giant Fish’ and ‘The Joy of Tea’, and my graduate film ‘Fleetingly’.

My full portfolio can be found at, and I am also active on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr as @noctresque, where I post personal work frequently.

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Charlize Hoang | Animation 5
'Fleetingly' Still 01
Charlize Hoang | Animation 4
'Fleetingly' Still 02
Charlize Hoang | Animation 3
'Fleetingly' Still 03
Charlize Hoang | Animation 2
'Giant Fish' Style Frame 02
Charlize Hoang | Animation 1
'Giant Fish' Style Frame 01
Charlize Hoang | Animation
'Fleetingly' Still 04