Chenghui Liu

MA Illustration


This project is an exploration of how we adapt to a new country and culture by talking to the local people living in Canterbury at the coffee shop “Pret” where I go every day for coffee.

After my research, I want my final project to be an illustration book. Mainly recording the people I met in the Canterbury coffee shop (PRET) and the chat with them.

Through these to show the exchanges and differences between cultures, the combination of illustration and text can not only give the audience a better visual experience, but also empathize with me.

So the audience for my book can be anyone who has just arrived in a brand new place, who is apprehensive about a new life, and who is anxious about uncertainty.

Tell my audience by showing the same emotions and sharing interesting experiences. Take a brave step, talk to people, become friends, expand your social circle, and better adapt to your new life.

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Chenghui Liu | Illustration
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