Chloe-May Patrick

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography


This series of work was made over an extended period of time, aiming to re-create my experience with both endometriosis and PMDD. These conditions have drastically affected my life, and my mental health. The work is shot in the style of film noir due to its dreary aesthetic, and also notions the fear and harsh contrast associated with german expressionism. The story follows a man stalking a woman home, growing closer to her, before she eventually disappears. The man himself is a metaphor for the depression and disassociation related to chronic illness, and her eventual decline is symbolised by his looming presence and her eventual loss of a body. It was important for me for this work to not only portray my experience, but also the darkness and fear that comes with repetitive illnesses. This is why i chose the locations of the jack the ripper murders in Aldgate East, i wanted there to be an unsettling context to the images. This dark and gruesome context gave my images character, and more accurately transcribed my own feelings. 

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Chloe-May Patrick | Photography 5
I Wish You Couldn't Make It
Chloe-May Patrick | Photography 4
Chloe-May Patrick | Photography 3
Chloe-May Patrick | Photography 2
Chloe-May Patrick | Photography 1
Chloe-May Patrick | Photography