Cho Hyun Holly Sim

Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art & Design - Epsom


My Final Major Project, titled ‘Digital Escapism’, was an idea formed as a reaction to the lockdown the world went into, due to the pandemic. I felt that within these dark times, all I wanted to do was to escape and be transported away from the harsh reality that we were being faced with. Therefore, I wanted to create a final piece that displayed the phantasmic utopian feeling that I craved. Why digital? As an avid member of Gen Z curious to see where the technological advances will take us and also a fashion student fascinated by the growing influence of the virtual industries in the creative field, I wanted to take advantage of this project to learn about the industry and develop valuable skills in digital software, with my final piece becoming a visual representation of all that I have learnt in this project.

Throughout this project, I looked at digital fashion, art, photography, VR etc. Looking into how the creative industry could benefit the environment by going digital and more. However, my main focus was on the game industry and digital fashion. I looked to YouTube tutorials and live walkthrough of 3D software to aid my understanding and develop the skills for my final piece. I would like to credit motion designer Stephanie Fung for the technical skills I learnt through her livestream walkthrough. Her designs have also been a big inspiration throughout the project research and the final piece.

My final piece features a male and female Game Character ‘skin’ that I designed and created using ‘Marvelous Designer’(3D software). The ‘skin’ was inspired by the Korean Hanbok, homage to my own heritage and the Korean game company ‘League of Legends’ which has been a big inspiration in this project. I modernised the design with tech-wear influences to fit a game character’s function and aesthetic. I also designed an environment using another 3D software ‘Blender’ to create a sci-fi futuristic city in which the ‘skins’ would be displayed.

I am very proud of this project and I am also looking forward to seeing how I use the skills and discipline I learnt at UCA in my future work.



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Cho hyun Holly Sim | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
Cho hyun Holly Sim | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies