Christy Ho

MA Graphic Design


This project is initiated by the mass migration wave happening in Hong Kong after a series of democratic demonstrations and political instability. As the immigration route is offered to the British National (Overseas) visa holders from Hong Kong, a lot of Hong Kong families have been gradually moving to the UK since early this year. I wonder if a lot of them are not mentally ready for the move and do not know much about the British environment. Thus I decided to collaborate with Hongkongers in Britain (HKB), a well-known HK-run-charity in the UK, to publish a publication that aims to provide settling information and Hong Kong migrant’s featured story to the newcomers.

The publication is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1 is an informational material that shows the referral service, research data that HKB have done to aid the Hongkongers and the buddy scheme programme provided by another 2 Hong Kong organisations, Hong Kong Link Up and HKG One;

Part 2 is featured editorial interviews with people who have just arrived in the UK for less than 6 months. It aims to reassure the readers by sharing their experience in overcoming the difficulties they have encountered in migration.   

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Christy Ho | Graphic Design 5
The publication is formed by 2 parts, an informational guide and a mental conditioning material
Christy Ho | Graphic Design 3
Publication part 1
Christy Ho | Graphic Design 2
Publication part 2
Christy Ho | Graphic Design 1
Featuring Hongkonger friendly material
Christy Ho | Graphic Design
Post it notes gather Hongkongers together during the demonstration. It aims to comfort the needy Hong Kong migrants here.