Claire Ozouf

MA Graphic Design


I have always been a creative person, and when I was 12 and had a short Graphic Design unit at school, I knew it was what I wanted to do. I love being able to create physical outcomes to put out into the world, with the dream to go into exhibition design or any form of environmental/spatial design.

For my major project I decided to create something that would help me process the last year for my family. This book shows real conversations between myself, my mum and my brother throughout my mum’s terminal cancer diagnosis, treatment and after her passing. The photographs bring you into a personal space; dealing with medication, hospital treatments and the effects on simple things in daily life. The book is designed with details in mind, my mum herself was an avid reader, so a book is a perfect outcome to help represent her and the textures of the pages will help immerse people further into our story.


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Claire Ozouf | Graphic Design 5
Pages within the book showing the element of hospital treatment within our daily lives, alongside the front cover
Claire Ozouf | Graphic Design 4
Front cover
Claire Ozouf | Graphic Design 3
A spread within the book showing the aftermath of her passing
Claire Ozouf | Graphic Design 2
Initial pages within the book showing the impact of diagnosis, alongside the front and back cover
Claire Ozouf | Graphic Design 1
A spread within the book showing how our regular life changed
Claire Ozouf | Graphic Design
Double page spread showing a transition within the book, alongside the front cover