Clinton Ibukunoluwa Olajide Jr

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


The focus of the thesis is re-imaging river crossings, exploring possibilities in spatial characteristics and qualities involved in creating inhabited bridges. As Part of the research agenda, this thesis investigates the current global approach to climate change, sustainable and renewable energy and fuel production; in response to the past uses of the site and the equipping of communities to create resilient and sustainable environments for themselves.

I pose 2 intents for exploration

i) The bridge and Landscape as a site For Ecological Protest and repossession by the natural world.

ii) The Bridge as Landscape as a place of energy production and community.

In analysing and understanding the site, I found recurring theme of industrial scaring of natural landscape on both the northern and southern sides of the River Thames. Yet these were lands that still manage to thrive and survive hosting some of the rearest birds’ plants and insect found across the county.

The thesis focus is then drawn to the Essex side of the River Thames, a site that inherently illustrates the conditions of disused and discarded industrial site all over the Hoo Peninsula. Hole Haven creek bisects 3 conditions, first an industrial site still in use and functioning, section is a site that has been disused for approx.10year with part demolition already taken place. And the third, an industrial site that has long be discarded and now being repossessed by the natural world.

The project follows the journey of a group of direct action activists, as the work to reclaim parts of the disused Coryton Refinery site for the non human world, beginning to imagine how a sustainable and ecologically minded community could emerge around HoleHaven Creek transforming the disused Jetty in to an Inhabited Bridge.

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Clinton Ibukunoluwa Olajide Jr | Architecture 5
Clinton Ibukunoluwa Olajide Jr | Architecture 6View pdf
From Forgotten Plains of Production into a Brownfield Wilderness
Clinton Ibukunoluwa Olajide Jr | Architecture 4
Reuse and Reclamation of unwanted disused industrial structures
Clinton Ibukunoluwa Olajide Jr | Architecture 3
Settlement Growth and Expansion
Clinton Ibukunoluwa Olajide Jr | Architecture 2
The Harvest and transformation of seaweed into biofuel on the now inhabited reclaimed Jetty
Clinton Ibukunoluwa Olajide Jr | Architecture 1
Setting the scene; The activists look out at the opportunities to reshaping a disused industrial landscape and reclaiming it for the wild, taking precedents from the work done at Canvey Wick
Clinton Ibukunoluwa Olajide Jr | Architecture
Slice of Life, a sense of community to balance to work and private life on the inhabited reclaimed Jetty