Daisy Kennedy

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice - Canterbury


I am Daisy Kennedy and I study Fashion Design. My Final Major Project titled ‘Diving into the Unknown: The Pacific Ocean Through a Weird and Wonderful Lens’ is an exploration of the ocean’s secrets and its inhabitants. I aspired to express my imagination and love for creating garments that are truly unique through developing exciting fashion design ideas and extending them, pushing my capabilities beyond my expectations. It is fascinating how far you can go with a silhouette or theme, as long as it excites you. I enjoyed being bold and flamboyant with my designs and pushing boundaries. Risk-taking has been important to me, it is vital to have no fear of trying something new as this along with dedication is where I believe success derives from.

I am really interested by unique ocean-inspired silhouettes, remarkable textures and the breath-taking sight of bioluminescence which provoked me to incorporate blue lights. I have been inspired by Iris Van Herpen and Zac Posen when it comes to technology in fashion, which motivated me to continue with the LED lights to represent bioluminescence in the Pacific Ocean. Discovering the juxtaposition between the Pacific Ocean’s unknown depths (specifically the Mariana Trench) and its vivid life in shallow waters fascinates me. My final garments are original, have the purpose to stand out and encourage the audience to admire the magnificent creatures in our waters. They compliment each other with one inspired by the elegant movement and intricate fins of Siamese Fighting Fish (created using a smocking pleater) and the other by different species of jellyfish (such as Crystal Jellyfish) and bioluminescence. Key points of the project are when I discovered the effectiveness of pleating organza and the volume it could create, also, the remarkable effect of blue lights under purple, iridescent organza. It was worthwhile experimenting with different processes such as manipulating a variety of fabric and paper on the mannequin and collaging with my own draping which increased the originality and made my designs more striking.

Overall, I have loved improving my skills, learning new disciplines, developing ideas further, fashion illustration and draping ambitiously which I wish to pursue and expand on at degree level. I can’t wait for my final garments to be showcased and for them to provoke thoughts or emotions.

Instagram Fashion Account: @daisykennedyfashion

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Daisy Kennedy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
Daisy Kennedy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 5
This is part of a Technicolour Nature group photoshoot. (Photographed by Sam Chick)
Daisy Kennedy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 4
This is part of a collaborative photoshoot with amazing textile students. Here, I am wearing my own garment with a pink printed vest top and a printed scarf made by other students. I am modelling alongside Olivia Martin, wearing her beautifully printed garment. (Photographed by Sam Chick)
Daisy Kennedy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 3
I am very much in awe of the elegant movement and intricacy of Siamese Fighting Fish fins, inspiring the use of organza and pleating/smocking this fabric to create the finely textured, delicate effect. (Photographed by Sam Chick)
Daisy Kennedy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
This shows my jellyfish-inspired garment photographed in the dark to showcase the illuminating element, mimicking bioluminescence in the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean, specifically, the Mariana Trench. (Photographed by Hannah Perkins)
Daisy Kennedy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
This is the first of my two final garments which is inspired by the remarkable forms of unique creatures in the Pacific Ocean, particularly jellyfish, and the mesmerising beauty of bioluminescence. (My final garments are modelled by me and this one was photographed by Sam Chick).