Daisy O’Donoghue

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


Email - [email protected]

Instagram - @daisy.jones.art

Being present in the art but invisible, behind the art.

Using the materials and processes as a way of showing a body without actually showing one. The physicality behind the work, the knitting – repetition of lines and patterns and motion.Looking beyond what is in front seeing details, otherwise hidden.

I have used other techniques too, printmaking, lino, screen, and etching. All require a personal and somewhat intimate touch of the artist – first through designing then to making and producing. With the artist, being in control, with colours to print, materials to print on and how many to print. Lining up the edges of the lino as perfect as the artist can get it.

With my knitted faces, I’m in control of everything, throughout the jotting down of ideas to designing and then making. Subconsciously, but also intentionally ending or not ending a section. However some factors are uncontrollable, not realising that I was running out of yarn halfway or I was sent the wrong shade. But those are things that only the artist would know, the person behind the art.

I want people to be free to walk around and touch the work, be present within the piece, within the materials and textures.

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Daisy O’Donoghue | Fine Art 3
Daisy O’Donoghue | Fine Art 2
Daisy O’Donoghue | Fine Art 1
Daisy O’Donoghue | Fine Art

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