Dani Nachev

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


“Sounds Bad” it’s a design exhibition focused on raising awareness about the issue of noise pollution. I chose this topic as in general people don’t realise that sounds could have a serious impact on their lives. The exhibition communicates the importance of being aware as a solution and informs the audiences through a series of infographics and animations, in combination with immersive sound and visual experiences. The sections that this project covers are noise pollution in urban, underwater and wildlife areas. In addition to the exhibition itself, I have also designed the visual identity and the wayfinding for this project.

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Dani Nachev | Graphic Design 4
Dani Nachev | Graphic Design 3
Dani Nachev | Graphic Design 2
Dani Nachev | Graphic Design
Dani Nachev | Graphic Design 1

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