Daniel Pink

BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts


A selection of concept work from my final major project. The astronaut finds himself transported to an unfamiliar world before a mysterious object, where he discovers he is not the only one curious about the obelisk. In this project I chose to concept the characters and the environment they find themselves in, trying to keep to an industry style workflow. I opted to teach myself to use a blend of 3D and Photoshop in my work, as I felt this would help to streamline my process.

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Daniel Pink | Games 2
Daniel Pink Final Major Project
Daniel Pink | Games
Daniel Pink Showreel
Daniel Pink | Games 1View pdf
Production Document
Daniel Pink | Games 7
Astronaut model sheet
Daniel Pink | Games 6
Astronaut model sheet 2
Daniel Pink | Games 5
Scitian Scientist model sheet
Daniel Pink | Games 4
Du'nar Strigili - the nomads - character sheet
Daniel Pink | Games 3
Nomad lookout keyframe