Darcie Rabson

Extended Diploma in Art & Design - Year 1 - Canterbury


My project was inspired by combining techniques and processes I have recently become familiar with as a new student at UCA. For my final project, I wanted to practice and develop painting skills that I hadn’t been able to include yet, alongside the concept of mixed media where I could experiment and use all my new skills. I am really impressed with the work I have produced because, above all meaning and background, I believe the real story behind my portraits is trial, error and above all improvement.

My three paintings were planned to be one, the whole project was based around one mixed media self-portrait. I wasn’t entirely happy with my first go and decided that for my final project it had to be better than a days’ worth of painting. My first attempt didn’t make it to the final three in fact it took me four paintings to decide I was at least happy with one.

Throughout the four paintings you can clearly see improvement in chronological order whether that is based around colour pallet/likeness of my own face. The advice I was given led me to the decision of handing over my work as a triptych. This being last minute, on my last painting I had to come up with a way to connect all three and help them to complement each other as a whole.

The idea related to the background, in the background the colours all meet from each canvas and I added patterns and doodles to trail off the canvas edges. This idea came out better than anticipated and I can confidently say I am happy with the outcome. This project was chosen to help me feel better in my own skin, knowing that I would have to take pictures of myself and include this throughout my work, I have overcome a boundary within my art. This was a very big obstacle in the way of creating and developing self-based work that blocked me from being able to distil my own characteristics into my art.

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Darcie Rabson | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 5
Self Portrait Triptych image
Darcie Rabson | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 4
The second attempt of my self portait, left painting when included at a triptych.
Darcie Rabson | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 3
3rd attempt, when this was completed i decided to create the last of the three.
Darcie Rabson | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
My final painting that connects all three and also my favourite regarding detail and skill.
Darcie Rabson | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
This is a progress picture i actually really favoured my paintings when in progress so i decided to include an example
Darcie Rabson | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
This imagage taken from my sketchbook was my main inspiration for my portraits and my initial plans for the final peice.