Darcy Brenna Fox-Williams

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


I am an interdisciplinary artist working with sculpture, sound, moving image and painting.  My autobiographically inspired practice is often manifested through assemblages of found objects to create ‘deities of the self’ as I explore my past and present psyche.  Coming together as multimedia installations, I invite the audience to spend time with my work and connect to the beings.

I aim to create spaces that feel alive and through visceral materiality, I playfully assemble fragmented creatures within a space, I respond to various psychologies such as Jungian archetypes and Foucault’s heterotopia. Sat within heterotopian spaces, the sculptural deities explore layers of human sentience. Inspired by the notion of play, forming a dichotomy between physicality and catharsis, the deities and effigies ‘observe’ the room and become ‘in conversation’ with their surroundings.

Process is very important to my work, to feel at one with my creations, I must spend time with my works and bring them to life whether that be through physical movement, hints of semi-human fragmentations or having some kind of endless regeneration. Through found materials and objects, I assign personas to my beings, dealing with crude or elemental emotions and giving thanks to certain aspects of life.

Sound is very important to my practice. I’m interested in how sound can not only act on your body but have a metaphysical presence in alignment with physical forms. My work has also embraces moving image and digital manipulation, drawing a line between reality and deception.

Intrigued by ritualistic activities, I give ‘offerings’ to my deities, such as flour and effigies and currently use automation to form movement, bringing the pieces alive. The idea of deities and otherworldly creatures exist in my artwork but rather than something external to pray to, I suggest finding a deity within.

Website: DarcyBrenna.com

Instagram: @darcybrenna.foxwilliams

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