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BA (Hons) Fashion


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Fashioning Grief-

The inspiration behind my graduate collection came from grief. This collection is near to home as I lost a close family member last summer, I watched my aunt express her emptiness and slowly fill the void left behind by her soulmate. These designs don’t just represent women who lost someone they love but are also a representation of the grieving process, which is not limited to one’s emotions. The concept of the collection is to create garments that showcase the beauty of the grieving process.

Graves, negative spaces, and void were the base structure for my designs. The shape of the gravestone was incorporated into the designs. The emptiness was the holes and negative spaces I left in between the fabrics to represent the grave holes. Flowers are used for showing sympathy and respect to the mourners. There’s also a saying that flowers represent the cycle of life and death, they serve as a reminder that everything has an expiration, date including us. I experimented with flowers by drying and pressing them to give that earthy feel to the garment.

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Fashioning grief
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