Deborah Ingram

MA Ceramics


After achieving a first BA(Hons) in Interior Architecture, Deborah was awarded a fellowship to the Royal Society of Art, gained Chartered Designer status, and went on to build a national reputation for the specialist niche of Jewellery Shop design.

Deborah’s design practise was informed by the obligatory discipline of truth to materials, as addressed by British modernism and the philosophies that surround that movement, where the conceptual exploration of space is fundamental to its final fabrication. Her clay work continues to draw on this experience.

Whilst still designing, Deborah developed a heart condition that necessitated open-heart surgery, which led to a crossing over, she explains; “Instead of imagining interior spaces, I wandered within my own physicality. I believe that it is this phenomenon at play when my mind thinks one way and my hands another; moulding and making and healing the clay”. To express her ideas, she chooses only the most rudimentary ceramic material; terracotta, ball clay, lead, tin, and powdered oxides, fired to gas reduction earthenware.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: designing_ceramics

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Deborah Ingram | Crafts 4
Crushed and Honed Form #4 10 x 29 x 24cm
Deborah Ingram | Crafts 3
Crushed and Honed Form #6 10 x 43 x 42cm
Deborah Ingram | Crafts 2
Crushed and Honed Form #6 10 x 43 x 42cm
Deborah Ingram | Crafts 1
Crushed and Honed Form #6 104 x 43 x 42cm
Deborah Ingram | Crafts
Crushed and Honed Form #7 14 x 29 x 25cm