Eleanor Gwynne

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury



‘I love the sun, I hate the sun’ is my graduate film. The inspiration behind this film was found in the intense and complicated emotional relationship I was experiencing with climate change, that I just couldn’t put into words. I wrote this poem to try and visualise climate anxiety in a way that could be relatable to others and spark conversation about these emotions.

My art has a child like aesthetic that intertwines with fantasy and surrealism. So, the deep vulnerability of my film ties in well with the emotion packed visuals. My film utilises green screen live action, rotoscoping and 3D illustration. I’m often drawn to this group of tools, because when they are used together produce a strange spark to my work and allow my film to be everchanging.

Although my work is rooted in animation, my practice often finds itself in the world of fine art. It’s here that I found how confident I can be when translating my deepest thoughts and vulnerabilities into my art. My creative process has developed into a way where I have an emotional reaction to social issues, to which I’m often drawn to environmental and gender issues. I take these emotions in and create a unique point of view in an often surreal world for the audience to be immersed in. What makes me happiest is portraying myself in my work, so I can fully engage in the worlds that I create.


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Eleanor Gwynne | Illustration 1
Eleanor Gwynne | Illustration
'I love the sun, I hate the sun' animation.
Eleanor Gwynne | Illustration 3
This was an alternative image I created for the project in it's development.
Eleanor Gwynne | Illustration 2
This is a sketchbook page, where I brainstormed the aesthetic for my animation.