Elijah Richardson

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication - Farnham


During my time in university, I explored many different areas of graphic design and I have concluded that I want to specialize in motion graphics. I became interested in motion design while in my second year at UCA. The project I most enjoyed was the external context unit; I was tasked with researching an existing brand. Through utilising research, I created a 22-second promotional animation to advertise Spitfire Ale, conveying the current direction of their identity. I was able to quickly grasp the basics of the Adobe After Effects software. At first, I struggled to produce an idea, but through extra research and effort, I was able to put together an effective animation, Using techniques and online resources such as YouTube, Pinterest and SkillShare. Through my exploration I have taken a keen interest in the work of other influential motion designers such as TerrySo, Manuel does Motion, Ben Marriot, Kyle Cooper and Lord Bung etc.

In addition, as I continue my journey in graphic design, I aspire to improve my technical skills in Adobe Creative Cloud applications (i.e After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator), to get into the industry and gain work experience, to improve my creative capabilities and to produce high-quality motion graphics work.

For the graduation showcase, my Final Major Project displays my career aspirations and potential plans once I have entered the industry. For this final unit, I have decided to make my area of focus motion graphics. Using a combination of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, I have created a successful motion graphics outcome. I produced a two-minute title sequence for a fictional horror movie entitled “The Breach”. I have always been interested in the genre of horror. One thing in particular that stood out to me is the unique stories that can be told. This is my first project creating a title sequence, and the knowledge I have gained can assist me with future projects. My main target audience is future employers and horror, movie enthusiasts. The main inspirations for my title sequence are Godzilla 2014 (Kyle Cooper), The Yankees (TerrySo), Castle Rock (Jeremy Cox) and Vinyl (Imaginary Forces). The result of my FMP is a showcase of my creativity and technical skills as a motion design artist.

My FMP also includes my digital design process (InVision) and research book. My InVision displays my initial research process and documents the development of my title sequence and my research book. Through the research book, my title sequence has been contextualized using research and examples of other contemporary title designers and their work. In addition, the research book gives an in-depth description of my interest inside/outside of graphic design, my field of studies, the historical context of the FMP, the focus brief of the FMP, researched case studies, literary book/online resources, the final design outcome and my own self-reflection.

To get in contact with me and further check out my work:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elijah_planet_design/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elijah-richardson-7a0741109/

Behance: https://www.behance.net/elijahrichard1/projects


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The Breach: Title Sequence | Final Major Project 2021
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Final Major Project - Research Book Cover
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