Elizabeth Khortiyeva

BA (Hons) Fashion


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: elizabeth.khortiyeva

My Final collection was born from my global cultural interests in craft and female empowerment, resulting in four strong and dynamic future facing outfits showing the bond between, and the great need for craft and tribal wisdom to continue alongside technical development. This was evidenced using technical fabrics and weaving techniques inspired by the Dinka and Mundari tribe and their rich history, after delving deep into the history of South Sudan and their Tribes. Whilst doing so, I also researched into more technical and futuristic artists and film bringing me to Hajime Sorayama’s Sexy Robots, and the films Black Panther and Avatar. The combination of the two is what creates a great balance between culture and technicality.
Technical fabrics and experimental processes play an important role in my collection. Being inspired by the Dinka and Mundari tribe, has brought me towards different weaving methods, motivating me to create my own fabric from scratch using jute rope and a homemade loom. The rest of my fabrics were sourced from local stores, which included pineapple leather, faux suede, and silver foil, creating the perfect contrast and collaboration of textures and colours.
This collection brings together ancestral ideas, derived from natural elements and abnormal and primitive shapes, combining the two to create a collection of familiar yet alien like components, where we see contemporary drape partnered with raw elements, inspiring a potential for a new aspect in fashion.

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Final collection look 1 through to look 4 group picture
Elizabeth Khortiyeva | Fashion 5
FMP Look 1
Elizabeth Khortiyeva | Fashion 4
FMP Look 2
Elizabeth Khortiyeva | Fashion 3
FMP Look 3
Elizabeth Khortiyeva | Fashion 2
FMP Look 4
Elizabeth Khortiyeva | Fashion 1
FMP Group

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