Ellen Kydd

MA Fine Art - Canterbury


To walk a line; to bathe in a field of colour; to make the psyche tangible. My work seeks a grounding from the abstract world of our minds & to touch base with physical reality.

I am always in search of Anima within my work, a term originating from the Latin for air, wind, breath, spirit. What is this intangible stuff that so moves us as humans? What is this Anima that drives us to move, or not move, and thus render us inanimate? This stuff which is airborne, yet requires material substance to evidence itself?

Colour, too, is airborne, and I wonder whether we as humans relate to one another in a similar way to how colours relate to one another, as we each are animated.

Japanese concepts of space, including ‘Ma’ (the void, empty space) and ‘Wa’ (relational space, harmony) have significant influence in the formation of my work. My thesis, A Five Metre Line, explores the psychic space our minds can create and perhaps trace: in print, the thesis is 5 metres long, and presented on a traditional scroll.

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Ellen Kydd | Fine Art 1
Waiting, Again.
Ellen Kydd | Fine ArtView pdf
A Five Metre Line. Dissertation.
Ellen Kydd | Fine Art 6
"Footfall". 280x150cm. Acrylic on Canvas, painted by foot. 2021.
Ellen Kydd | Fine Art 5
"Beyond Blue". Photograph of Installation, in conjunction with Ieva Sikirkinaite. 2021.
Ellen Kydd | Fine Art 4
"Waiting, Again". 15 x 20 cm. 2021. (Original 2019)
Ellen Kydd | Fine Art 3
"The Space Between". Still from Public Performance with Eleanor Cox. Whitstable. 2021.
Ellen Kydd | Fine Art 2
"Remedy for Pins & Needles". 200x180cm. Wallpaper Paint on Canvas. 2020.