Ellie Chestnutt

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communications - Canterbury


ReLife, is a way to communicate the importance of living an affordable lifestyle, and to help people be creative in their own home. These ideas all influenced me as it is something that I like doing in my own free time and I wanted to help other people feel the way I feel when upcycling and repurposing and inspire them to create something they should be proud of.
I felt like this was something that needed to be talked about as I feel like art can be an escape for some people and some people will be missing out on the opportunities around them because they might not have a creative mindset. This is why the ReLife booklet is here to help and guide them see items in a different perspective.
For my booklet and furniture, I have been inspired mostly by Zoe Murphy, Mandy Yocom and the TV series Money for Nothing. I have used Murphy’s work for most of my inspiration as I love how she uses different printing techniques on furniture. I also love the way she sticks to similar themes in all of her work and uses really harmonizing colour combinations which is what I have tried to achieve in my own work. I have then been inspired by Yocom’s work through the uncontrolled, bright, mesmerising patterns and shapes she uses. I just love how experimental it is and I really looked into it and played around with the layering and colour. Then for my initial inspiration, I would watch episodes of Money for Nothing to inspire me to think outside the box for my brainstorm ideas and think of really unique products you can get out of one item.

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Ellie Chestnutt | Graphic Design