Ellie Petrova

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Canterbury


Set in 2044, Biosphere is a multi-purpose sustainable nightlife venue located in Canterbury, Kent. It was built in response to the demand for a healthier, eco-friendly alternative to clubbing. The building consists of four floors – the Garden Club, the Ocean Bar, the Zen Lounge, and the Basement, which includes a takeaway shop and an interactive recycling centre. The floors are all nature-themed and include activities & art installations to encourage visitors to take small steps in protecting the environment. Biosphere’s interior and exterior is made out of sustainable materials and generates renewable energy to become self-sufficient and minimise its carbon footprint.

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Ellie Petrova | Interior Design 4
Longitudinal Section 1:100
Ellie Petrova | Interior Design 3
The Basement
Ellie Petrova | Interior Design 2
The Garden Club
Ellie Petrova | Interior Design 1
The Ocean Bar
Ellie Petrova | Interior Design
The Zen Lounge

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