Em Mortimer

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


My final major project titled ‘Finding home’ explores experiences of gender euphoria and feeling at home in your body from transgender and non-binary perspectives. The piece communicates personal narratives of the ways the transgender and non-binary individuals I spoke to try to make their bodies feel like home. It also aims to represent the sense of community in trans experiences, and the feelings connected with bodily comfort and discomfort through interaction and tactile communication. Mixed media textile piece including needle tufting, embroidery, and screen printing

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Em Mortimer | Illustration 5
Textile houses illustrating personal thoughts of gender euphoria and what they do to make them feel at home in their bodies.
Em Mortimer | Illustration 4
Rug textured map exploring the inner personal journey transgender individuals can go on to figure out how to feel at home in their body. The map includes both comforting and discomforting textures to express emotions such as gender euphoria and dysphoria through audience interaction with the piece.
Em Mortimer | Illustration 3
Houses placed on the map.
Em Mortimer | Illustration 2
House exploring how an individual makes their body feel like home by wearing shoes that give them extra height.
Em Mortimer | Illustration 1
House exploring how an individual has recently found joy in growing out their hair and the gender euphoria its given them.
Em Mortimer | Illustration
House exploring my own personal experiences of gender euphoria and how I express myself through my appearance.