Emilia Biddiscombe

BA (Hons) Textile Design


[email protected]


Meandering Light‘ is a project exploring the effects of natural light on organic lines and textures in the Earth’s landscape, particularly on water. Using techniques contrasting with the woven grid structure such as painted warp and weft and non-repeat floating weft designs, I have created atmospheric, hand-woven paintings which capture my experience of light on landscapes.

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Emilia Biddiscombe | Textiles
Final Piece #2. Bourette Silk ground cloth with Spun Silk floating weft.
Emilia Biddiscombe | Textiles 5
Final Piece #1. Using the shifting of painted weft to create a cloud pattern.
Emilia Biddiscombe | Textiles 4
Final Piece #4
Emilia Biddiscombe | Textiles 3
Final Piece #5. Painted warp and weft interacting to create movement and atmosphere.
Emilia Biddiscombe | Textiles 2
Final Piece #7. The light weight of the cloth and variety in silk yarns are captured in this image.
Emilia Biddiscombe | Textiles 1
Final Piece #6

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