Emily Larkin

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


I’m Emily and I am primarily a 2D hand-drawn animator, but love to try most forms of animation. I’m a multi-award-winning animator after my 2nd-year film, ‘Who’s not listening?’, a deaf awareness film, received 5 awards at film festivals in numerous countries around the world and can only hope that success continues with my latest film, ‘Spinning into Silence’.

My Graduation film, ‘Spinning into Silence’, is a 2D hand-drawn animation that aims to raise awareness about Vestibular (inner ear) Disorders; a condition I live with myself. I aimed to raise awareness by showing visually and audibly what life living with these disorders and conditions is like. Whilst Vestibular Disorders affect everyone who has them differently, I wanted to show and discuss the most common symptoms: hearing loss, dizziness/vertigo and balance problems. Currently, there is no cure for Vestibular Disorders however the more awareness raised and research conducted hopefully within my lifetime a cure or better treatments will be found.

‘Spinning into Silence’, both visually and audibly, was quite the animation to make. Audibly, I knew that I wanted the viewer to really experience my, someone who lives with a Vestibular Disorder, perspective on the world and what it’s like to have hearing loss and tinnitus. However, living with both, audio editing was tricky but overall rewarding as the final audio truly mimics what I hear all the time, during and after a vestibular ‘attack’. Having wanted the film to be an experience and with the layered audio and poem, written by me, I wanted to keep the visuals simple and not too busy so you were able to process both the visuals and audio at the same time. To achieve the visual textures and look of my outcome, it took many layers, with each frame requiring 182 hand-drawn layers each. The final film is a little over 3 mins long and having animated at 24 FPS meant the total number of layers was around 786, 240!

3 mins 5 seconds

4,320 Frames

786,240 Layers

You can find me and my work here:

Instagram – @emimation77 https://www.instagram.com/emimation77/

FilmFreeway – https://filmfreeway.com/EmLarkin

Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/user115173997

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Emily Larkin | Illustration
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