Emily Ross

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


The Compensated Sacrifice is a deconstruction towards the concept of Human Sacrifices and Satanic Rituals, with a biblically accurate depiction of Angels inspired by transcripts and Religious paintings. Originally a comic book, these posters are simple concepts about some of the characters, along with a style sheet.

The title is based on the essence of the story: in the story, when a Demon is summoned by a sacrifice not to his tastes, he would bring the soul back to life and as compensation, gives them the souls of his followers in the form of wishes – depending on how many followers were there to witness that sacrifice. Once the wishes have all been granted, the Demon chooses whether he should let the sacrifice go or kill them, trapping their souls on the mortal plain for all eternity.

The story is about a woman called Judith who strives to rid the world of abusive religous cults after the demon Master brought her back to life because he doesn’t like the taste of autistic people. The story would tackle topics such as cults and religion, and would feature real life locations.

The story is aimed towards the teenage demographic, and is inspired by various Manga and Video Games that follow similar concepts.

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