Erin Berry

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


My piece is a graphic novel depicting a story all about collecting. The wordless story shows a magpie finding something which was lost by a human. This object is very important to the human and so the magpie discovers it’s worth and rushes to give it back to the human. Out of gratitude the human gives the magpie an object that can be added to its own collection. I wanted my project to show people how important collections can be to people, and how most collections tie in with nostalgia and fond memories.

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Erin Berry | Illustration 5
Graphic novel showcased on top of collection box
Erin Berry | Illustration 4
Page spread 1
Erin Berry | Illustration 3
Page spread 2
Erin Berry | Illustration 2
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Erin Berry | Illustration 1
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Erin Berry | Illustration
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