Errin Purse

Extended Diploma in Art & Design - Year 1 - Canterbury


Sustainable Development Goal:

My FMP Sustainable Development Goal is Climate Change. However, I mainly focused on how trees combat the excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. My aim is to bring awareness of how the carbon emissions are damaging our planet through the ignorance of people and industry. I have explored this goal through in depth research to try and find out how trees trap carbon emissions and help to prevent flooding.

The area I was most interested in was the primary research. I took a range of photos in a polluted location such as local factories, lorry parks and areas with dead trees and litter. In contrast I visited Audley End, which is a country estate in Essex, which was full of life, and rich colourful woodland with beautiful tall trees. This motivated me to research further into the topic.

My final piece was heavily influenced by the artist research from the first few weeks of this project. The artist’s work ranged from projections, water installations, drawing techniques and lens-based media. Naomi Eaton-Baudains was my favourite artist because of their projections and filter work of nature onto buildings and windows. This gave me the idea of projecting a short cinematic film about trees in my installation. Their work also drove me to plant my own tree so, I feel I am contributing to the earth’s survival.

This installation is my own interpretation of how the world is fighting against climate change and the human population can work together to help our planet survive. My idea behind the piece is to show the effects of carbon in the atmosphere. Flooding occurs when the water cannot drain away as shown on my fountain. Consider a family home with patio over their garden and a car on a paved driveway, these home designs causing flooding during heavy rain fall as the water cannot be absorbed by the ground below. By planting trees, we combat carbon in the atmosphere, prevent soil erosion and flooding, making the Earth a safer place for future generations. We have been advised to plant a tree for the Jubilee and so far, thousands have been planted all over the country.

My aim was to learn about different skills artists use to portray trees in their work. Researching this, I have learnt so much about climate change and how we can improve our lives by taking care of our natural environment.

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Errin Purse | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 5
Earth drowning by the rising sea levels.
Errin Purse | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 4
Trees projecting onto the fountain from the film
Errin Purse | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 3
Errin Purse | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
Errin Purse | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
Errin Purse | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies