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Hi everyone, I am Eshita Arora, a Multidisciplinary Spatial Designer graduating from UCA Canterbury, who thrives on Creating Experiences. I design spaces that are an extension of the user, and an environment that fosters creativity, and builds community.

To Re-Act is our duty as designers in this fast-paced environment, and to ensure that places are readapted and suitable for use – this project is crucially based on the cultural context of Canterbury. The spatial intervention emphasizes on cultural education, not only for tourists but also for residents, by making them feel more in connect to where they spend their time.

Nosgos is not a literal representation of the past, but it is designed to allow curious interrogation and dialogue as to why has this design been contextualized in Whitefriars. It delivers an open-ended platform for people to interact with or within the space at their own pace which has been depicted in the form of fragmentation.

My design ideology contributes to the wider body of knowledge focusing on design for narratives and placemaking. Our understanding of community plays a large role in designing for future whilst reflecting on the past, which is significantly achieved by Nosgos.

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Eshita Arora | Interior Design 2
My design Nosgos" thrives on creating and delivering a reimagined past
Eshita Arora | Interior Design 3
This space allows curious interrogation and dialogue., However, light and shadow impacts how this design is perceived by passerby's during different times of the day.
Eshita Arora | Interior Design
Derivation of the name NOSGOS
Eshita Arora | Interior Design 7
Showcasing how the designed Arch Set itegrates with my site.
Eshita Arora | Interior Design 6
This is a Birds Eye View to capture how seamlessly landscape incorporation adds more flow and allows transition into the space
Eshita Arora | Interior Design 5
Designing a space which focusses on Public Safelty and design aesthetics by incorporation of enough floor lights into the space.
Eshita Arora | Interior Design 4
Nosgos extends as a Way-Finding guide through the Whitefriars which connects people to culturally and historically significant landmarks, and this here is a sample wayfinding clamp installed on site.
Eshita Arora | Interior Design 1
Developing Public Spaces is an integral part of community development yet a very complex issue. Studying the site prior to design proposal is key to a success.

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