Eva Bateman

BA (Hons) Games Arts / BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts


For my final major project, I wanted to bring my passion for victorian gothic clothing and literature to the forefront. Because of this, I let the distinct fashion decades of the 1800s guide my character design choices, and created a cast of vampiric ballroom attendees to embody them.

The Game concept I am creating with these characters would have them commiting stealth assassinations using an array of luxury weapons.

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Eva Bateman | Games 5
The Case, chosen weapon of The Merchant
Eva Bateman | Games 4
The Maid
Eva Bateman | Games 3
The Merchant
Eva Bateman | Games 2
The Diplomat
Eva Bateman | Games 1
The Countess
Eva Bateman | Games
The Chanteuse