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Hi, I’m George. Please see below my shared showcase projects. I am fluent in a variety of Adobe products and love to create. I have a range of skills but mainly specialise in all things branding and illustration. I am currently learning photography as a side hobby. 

Please see my showcase projects below. Thank you.


Additive Automotive Magazine (FMP)

This is the first issue of my automotive magazine Additive. (see attached PDF) or go to –

Created as part of my Final Major Project (FMP), I wanted to combine my love for cars and design into one aspect. So I chose to create this magazine. I really wanted to challenge myself and hone in on new skills. One area which I wanted to improve is my editorial design skills.

So I challenged myself to create and brand an automotive magazine (using Adobe InDesign/Illustrator). “Additive” was the chosen brand name. However, I did not want to create a fake magazine with filler text and images found online. I wanted to produce it for real. So all of the content is written by me and the quotes used are taken from actual interviews which I conducted. All of the photography is my own, apart from a few images which I could not physically take, or that provided by interviewees.

Inside the magazine, you will find various feature articles, opinion-based chatter, up-and-coming events, the current market, news, stories, and more. Ideas inspired by existing magazines, which I found my own content to use for.

Alongside this magazine are a set of branding guidelines.


Personal Branding

This project was all about how I can project myself within my own brand identity. What I find inspiring personally. Communicating this message to a wider audience. 

I knew I wanted to be bold, so I went for a heavy black and yellow colour scheme. Really drawing the focus in on the vibrancy of the yellow. How it makes me feel as a designer, as personally, I find yellow one of the most striking colours. Even going to the lengths of printing my CV on yellow paper. As seen in the branding guidelines, I made the colour scheme consistent throughout. Not only does this suit my theme, but I wanted to share my determination in a subtle way. 

After trailing many styles for my final logo I struck with my geometric initials logo. As seen in the showcase image, my logo consists of three columns (a nod to design) which include geometric shapes. These shapes, when separated, create the three letters of my initials “GFS”. The first two columns show the “G”, the last two show the “F”, and all three show the “S”.    


Rebranding Nokia

Rebranding an infamous brand identity. No easy task. This project was to rebrand Nokia to display them in a new light, not just to be reminded of their phones, but the progress they have made to what their brand is today.

My idea for their new identity was to stick to their heritage but slightly modernise it. Still using shades of blue, I created an identity which was fluid, dynamic, and striking. The main logo consists of the “Nokia” name displayed in a sans-serif font, which I edited in order to create a constant structure throughout. Splitting the “k” in half in order to create this arrow ‘<’. A nod to going back to heritage design, whilst putting their phone past behind them and moving forward. 

This can be seen in one of the branded posters I made. Honing in on the colour blue, this poster shares a new breath of life to the brand. Using the bubbles to represent this, whilst simultaneously looking modern. These, displayed with the new logo, on a wave of shapes. Created from the shapes in the brand’s icon. 


ITV This Morning (Platinum Jubilee Celebration)

Tasked with the creativity to produce the in-house branding for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration for ITV’s This Morning. I found myself down a new path, learning about the world of editing and creating on Adobe After Effects.

My idea for this branding was to stick as close as I could get towards their existing styles. Looking at previous events such as the Royal Wedding for inspiration. I wanted the branding to be formal, just like The Queen was, with the additional element of fun and colour. Which she was well known for wearing. In combination with using the existing branding colours and my own purple. I created my branding. In the example shown in the image below, we see the overall logo. Combined with the existing this morning logo. Which works really well with the purple ribbons and existing textures from the show. Producing these “TV-ready” examples. 


WRC Personal Project

As part of my foundation course, the main inspiration for starting my degree, I decided to produce a series of posters for my project rebranding the WRC. Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator.

The idea for this poster (as seen below), was to capture the nail-biting aspect of the brand and event. Showing Ford Fiesta at a vast angle on this Wales Rally forest stage. Combined with the following text in the style of a majority of rallies that use this Arced typography. Every element of this poster was illustrated by hand. Then placed into Adobe Photoshop to add grain and dirt textures to make the image come to life.

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George Smith | Graphic Design
A photomontage piece (produced in Adobe Photoshop) expressing the Game Stop crisis and stock market crash
George Smith | Graphic Design 4
The final sting created (Adobe After Effects) for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee for ITV’s This Morning
George Smith | Graphic Design 2
The front cover for Additive Magazine
George Smith | Graphic Design 7
A page from the Additive brand guidelines, showing my main typeface for the brand - GT AMERICA
George Smith | Graphic Design 6
A page from my Personal brand guidelines - showing my logo suite
George Smith | Graphic Design 5
One of my branded posters for the Rebrand of Nokia
George Smith | Graphic Design 3
The final branding showcase for ITV’s This Morning’s Platinum Jubilee celebration
George Smith | Graphic Design 1
One of my final poster for my WRC series - Rally Wales

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