Georgia Dyer

BA (Hons) Make-Up & Hair Design


”science vs society – what defines beauty?”

My initial question concept was taken from my thoughts into what defines beauty and where have the beauty standards come from.

From doing this research I have discovered that the main things that I have found out as factors that have created beauty standards are. science and society.

From this research I discovered that it was in equal parts science and society that have been the impact of our current day beauty standards.

I then decided to take this research and present it in a different way which is where my concept for my final creative outcome has come from that shows different outcomes that each express something that makes people to feel more beautiful.

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Georgia Dyer | Fashion 5
Materialism in Beauty
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Nature in Beauty
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Materialism in Beauty
Georgia Dyer | Fashion 2
Unconventional Beauty
Georgia Dyer | Fashion 1
Colour is Beauty
Georgia Dyer | Fashion
Unconventional Beauty