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Title of Textile Artwork – One of a series of work called: ‘I am not a Covid Kid’ –

Looking Through the Window

My artwork is informed by research into the effect of Covid on children of educational age during the pandemic lockdown.  The material used is Hollytex, a polyester based material.  Colour was transferred by using a heat-press with transfer paper.  Thread, stitch and aluminium are used to enhance and give texture which invites the viewer to look more carefully to see what is happening behind the stained glass window.

After making several samples of a certain size it became apparent I was creating pieces of fabric.  My vision began to form and I realised I was going to create a final piece of work which began in my roots of patchwork and quilting.  It all clicked into place as I was coming full cycle completing the circle and going back to my roots.

Each square could be cut into a sample nine patch, not in the usual way but with a curved line.  Mixing them up giving the quilt effect, making the viewer look more deeply to see the story behind the pieces of material.  Fifteen blocks began to materialise to form the quilt effect, not a quilt for any bed but textile wall art made by a patchwork and quilter.

I introduced silver and red thread stitching to give texture and shape.  The introduction of aluminium making corner blocks to enhance the suggestion of silver gives another level of interest.

The most rewarding part of creating this work was in the stitch by looking at each individual area and selecting the shapes of the cut figures and re-giving them life with thread was a soothing process giving me time to think and reflect not only on the work I was producing but my whole MA journey and where it would take me next.

My intention is to create smaller pieces of artwork using the same materials.  The next work will be called, “Pebbles in a Pond.”

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