Gordon-Joshua Dance

BA (Hons) Games Arts / BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts


This game is made to help hype up the eventual book I’m writing.

The game focuses on Special Detective agent Trevor Vanguard as he deals with a serial killer case.

Set after the book I’m writing the game takes place several months after the events that have happened and life is normal at that current stage, the world is on a recovery plan set up by the conglormorate Ragnarok after the financial crash of 2073.

Trevor must find and either subdue the serial killer (or even killers) or kill them.

For this demo there’s no actual “gameplay” and is just a glorified walking sim with resident evil style gameplay in the works.

I’m hoping to take this project forward and make it become a full fledged game with resident evil style gameplay.

You can check out the development process of this specific demo on my art station: https://www.artstation.com/f117lionhartgordon

This project acts as a type of prequel sequel to my book (which isn’t finished yet since its a long book) and is hopefuly to be used to hype the book up and act as a nice introduction to the world of Project TiTan.

I made everything (besides music and ambient sfx, check the credits at the end of the video). and made the concept art and coded everything with help from a few friends (again check credits at the end of the video).

The music has permission from both muscians (Karls music is credited and survival sphere’s music is credited).

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Gordon-Joshua Dance | Games
Box art for the project
Gordon-Joshua Dance | Games 5
Player character- Trevor Vanguard
Gordon-Joshua Dance | Games 4
Side character-Arthur Blake
Gordon-Joshua Dance | Games 3
Side Character Maria Romanov
Gordon-Joshua Dance | Games 2
Trevor Vanguard's Apartment in the city of Ragnarok
Gordon-Joshua Dance | Games 1
The city of Dynawatch