Hanna Makhoul

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


Project: Beirut rebuilding a fragile city

Location: Karantina (Beirut)

This thesis is about building a fibreglass factory in Beirut, to deal with the post-blast disaster in the city using broken glass

Approximately 7000 tons of glass was shattered from buildings and left around 300,000 people homeless. Glass can be found almost everywhere around the city, due to the blast shock waves. The shockwaves reached a distance of up to 180 miles away from the core of the explosion and it is considered to be one of the largest known nuclear explosions in history.  Lebanese citizens ventured to clean the glass and the rubble from the streets of Beirut’s devastated neighbourhoods and took on the responsibility to fix what was broken because nobody will do it for them. Even before that event, the people of Lebanon were battling through life due to the corruption of their government and their abandonment, which left the citizens to do the job that, in most countries, would have been handled by the government. The project aims to use the available material on the streets of Beirut and reuse it as fibreglass.

Fibreglass will be used as a building material for rebuilding damaged areas. The production process will begin in the area of Karantina the poorest and nearest neighbourhood to the port.

The fibreglass will be used to create identical curved leaf-like modular components in a mass-production process that will be assembled on-site by locals to give a message of hope to unite and to rebuild. Using a bespoke modular system whose aesthetics and design has been inspired by local Arabic architecture and with the use of main elements such as arches and vaults to build a megastructure. Other than a fibreglass factory and workshops the program of the project will be built in phases and it includes a market and a residential area on top to create a new work/living environment.

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Hanna Makhoul | Architecture
Beirut rebuilding a fragile city
Hanna Makhoul | Architecture 5
Fiberglass factory
Hanna Makhoul | Architecture 4
Fibreglass workshop
Hanna Makhoul | Architecture 3
Construction and assembly on site
Hanna Makhoul | Architecture 2
residential area on top of the market
Hanna Makhoul | Architecture 1
Underground area