Hannah Kira Plant

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


Email: [email protected]

Portfolio: https://indd.adobe.com/view/d23f1bd9-cb68-4dc0-819f-c781498b9151


Instagram: @hannahkiragraphics

Facebook: @hannahkiragraphics

TikTok: @hannahkiragraphics

My showcase is all about jump starting the business I wish to pursue once university is finished – Hannah Kira Graphics. For this, I have designed products, refined existing products, composed a website and practiced selling said products at a creative market. Always support small local artists and businesses!


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Hannah Kira Plant | Graphic Design 5
Sneak peak at some of the products I have designed and produced for my small business!
Hannah Kira Plant | Graphic Design 4
Some of my tarot card designs, hand-drawn digitally.
Hannah Kira Plant | Graphic Design 3
Boundless Body Tarot Deck - including: 78 unique cards, tarot guide, poster, 2 sticker sheets (to decorate your box) and a limited addition holographic sticker.
Hannah Kira Plant | Graphic Design 2
Boundless Body Tarot Deck Poster - once unfolded, the tarot guide turns into a poster featuring four of my favourite designs.
Hannah Kira Plant | Graphic Design 1
Justice Tarot Jibbitz - add them to your crocs for some super fun decoration!
Hannah Kira Plant | Graphic Design
A handful of my stunning jibbitz, displayed on an equally amazing croc bag!

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