Harry Rowland

BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts


My final project is a glimpse at a variety of heroes from different cultures throughout history, who are stolen through time and space to fight in a colosseum against their cultures worst demons and villains.

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Harry Rowland | Games 2
Final Knight Character turnaround
Harry Rowland | Games 1
Show reel of completed work from the final project
Harry Rowland | GamesView pdf
The alien world, in the future, where the heroes/warriors of earth are taken
Harry Rowland | Games 7
The Mystical forest where the Knight awakens for the first time after being 'abducted'.
Harry Rowland | Games 6
Near the end of my Medieval Dark Fantasy project, I was not happy with the previous castle concept I had come up with. So, I revisited the idea with this piece really trying to capture the mood and idea I had initially imagined.
Harry Rowland | Games 5
The main antagonist for the knight portion of the project. The Black Knight
Harry Rowland | Games 4
The final battleground where the Knight must make his stand
Harry Rowland | Games 3
At the end we all find out what we're made of