Hashneet Uberoi

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging


Name- Hashneet Uberoi

Phone- +44 7789108814

Email- [email protected]

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/hashneet-uberoi-4b2237215/

Behance- https://www.behance.net/hashneetuberoi1

Since I’m drawn to the subjects of surrealism and lucid dreaming, I investigated them with intense curiosity. I believe that the place at which lucid dreaming becomes important is when you combine the surrealistic components with mental health.

Going forward with a medium that was extremely uncomfortable for me, i.e, VFX (visual effects). Blender, a software used to created animations, or animated /realistic short films was an absolute new platform to learn and explore. As Jeffries (2013) stated that we may not even remember the things we capture, making the snappy nature of contemporary photography even more mindless. I highly agree with that thought, as a Fashion Promotion & Imaging student , I find short videos more long lasting than images.

My final deliverable is an animated short film that , called ‘MAN-up’ , that talks about men’s mental health, through which I hope to increase the public’s understanding of men’s mental wellness issues, encourage open talks, and motivate men to seek treatment by using lucid dreaming as the story-telling medium.

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Hashneet Uberoi | Fashion

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