Henriette Moberg Lillegaard

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


It just isn’t Home

By Henriette M Lillegaard

Instagram: @henriettelillegaard

It just isn’t Home is a book written and illustrated by Henriette M Lillegaard. Where she tells stories from her experiences of homesickness and loneliness while she was studying abroad in the United Kingdom.

As an abroad student I had felt homesickness quite strongly, and it was something that I wanted to make into a project eventually and it felt like the perfect time to now with my final project. I wanted to tell my experience and hope that others could relate as abroad students or otherwise. I chose to go for watercolour throughout the book as I see watercolour as a classic medium of where I am from, but I also wanted to add a little bit of flair by using some layering and subtle 3D effects as that is a part of my work, which I enjoy and want to continue with.

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