Hephzibah Adegoke

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communications - Canterbury


For this project, I took the time to research my home country Nigeria and learn the history, because I left at a very young age and only know surface level information. Whilst researching the history of Nigeria, I had the idea of creating something to showcase this history and art for other diasporas like me and anyone in general to look at and learn about Nigeria.

I discussed this idea with my tutor and we talked about the information I  found and I was interested in collages/ scrapbooking and Journal, we concluded on taking apart a well known book and layering the information I’d gathered on top of it.

I chose an encyclopedia and edited the layers on Photoshop and Indesign. During this time, I researched and experimented with different ideas and concepts of layering work.



For the majority of the pages, I based my design on the original copy and designed it like I was scratching out the original page and replacing it with mine.

The original page had images of the different topics in the book coming out of the woman’s head, so I replaced it with important images to do with the topic of Nigeria. The main point of the book is to look rough and layered.

I tried to incorporate parts of the original pages by partially revealing them or using the colours of the images as the colour theme for my pages.Some pages are just images, to give the reader a break and to showcase some Nigerian art/ lifestyle. I included methods like cutting out images, cutting parts of other magazines and images out and layering them, using Sellotape layers and realistic cursive handwriting, I also cut out numbers from other posters and designs to use them as page numbers. I did this so it looks more realistic.

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Understanding My Motherland
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Photos from Nigeria
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Chief Obafemi Awolowo
Hephzibah Adegoke | Graphic Design
Nigerian Customs