Hock Yong Gan

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Canterbury


technology has advanced so much over the last decade. the internet was only invented in 1983, which is only shy of 40 years ago. with more inventions of technology coming, technology taking over the world is inevitable. as a matter of fact, the covid-19 pandemic became a transitional process as lockdowns were initiated throughout the world, forcing people into their homes with the only way to communicate with one another is through using technology. even way before the pandemic, younger generations such as the millennials were frequently seen glued to their screen with their minds going into the digital world. some would say that technology is a distraction, but the fact is that technology has made life much easier. information can be accessed in a matter of seconds and entertainment are literally accessible. it can even be said that technology is a tool for everyone’s life. though, the fact that technology is a tool, we are too reliant on it. doing surveys and interviews, many said that they would not know what to do if technology was taken away. this is concerning as there is definitely much more than just technology.

with that said, when was the last time people were grateful for the very thing that is keeping us sane and literally alive? despite all the talks about technology, was it not that the technology originally came from nature itself? the fact is, nature is the ultimate technology as, without the existence of nature, technology itself would not have been advanced to this point. nature is often neglected and ignored with the presence of technology. we see issues such as global warming being shown to us on the internet and yet we still chose to ignore the living organism of nature around us. the idea is not to eliminate technology, but to use technology and nature itself, hand-in-hand, to create benefit for the people. this manifesto work of art is a statement piece that has a direct message about technology and nature, both being the support of the people, and is presented in a form of art.

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