Ian Wille

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


This project is a response to gentrification acting as a tool for politics in urban regeneration and civic aid. It experiments with ideals of participatory democracy, social commons and protest/conspiracy to enforce a societal spirit of individuals as citizens, not consumers, whilst providing the legislative framework to enforce new public opinion.

Central to the project is a democratic hall where actors participate in the creation of specialised and specific legislation for the municipal area of Fish Island. The aim of this project is to return ownership and direction of cities back to the people who live in it, not investors who could profit from it, and whilst doing so destroying the authenticity of an area, its localities and it as a commons for all.

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Ian Wille | Architecture 4
Main Section, 1:50 @ A0
Ian Wille | Architecture 3
Environmental Page
Ian Wille | Architecture 2
Axonometric Explosion
Ian Wille | Architecture 1
Ian Wille | Architecture
Minor Section, !:100 @ 1189 x 330mm