Ingrid Ruan Zhu

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Canterbury


In the year of 2032, life is based on a technologically advanced world in which humans and souls live in symbiosis, where a friendly relationship has been established between them.

In terms of waste, whether construction or household, they all have a significant impact, both environmentally and economically. Nevertheless, in the town of Canterbury, there is a community that runs a workshop on kitchen waste recycling together. Everyone is welcome here, as long as they are aware of environmental improvements. At the site, this association would organise several activities and workshops working with food waste collected from households and local catering industry. Having the concept of ‘Turning Rubbish into Treasure’, participants can make a wide range of items, from small pieces like cutlery to big furniture of bedside tables, etc. There is also a retail section on selling things produced from workshops, creating a beneficial cycle, environmentally and economically.

Although small communities like this may not carry a wide impact, as much as each city or region is undertaking similar activities, it will make a difference at the global level.

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INGRID RUAN ZHU | Interior Design 6
Material Research: EGGO
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Eggshell Narrative - The Adventure of Bob & Rob
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Proposed Section 1
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Proposed Section 2
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Perspective - Display / Retail
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Perspective - Classroom
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