Ingvild Siira Haagestad

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham


The Cistercians living at Waverley abbey had a belief that was based around a simple and self sustained lifestyle. They therefore built their monasteries in remote areas that had all the natural resources required to do so. The monks daily life was therefore based around agricultural work in the fields, as well as making major progress within the field of hydraulic engineering. By utilising the sites potential as a floodplain, the Cistercians made an underground water system consisting of cisterns for water harvesting, drains for filtering and cleaning the water, and lead pipes to distribute the water.

Today 20-30% of the food we grow is being wasted solely because it doesn’t fit into supermarket standards. As a result of these strict standards less biodiverse foods are grown, which results in contamination and an increase of antibiotics and chemicals being added to crops. This is an issue the company EAT. is fighting against. They are a science based platform developing an understanding of how we need to eat for a sustainable future. The answer to this is in many ways simple. We need to eat and respect our food like the Cistercians did. 

As there is a rising popularity in growing vegetables at home, this project is about reconnecting and teaching people about the to natural diversity within the food system that the commercial market is rejecting, through the history of a Cistercians lifestyle, and the self sustaining water systems they made.

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Ingvild Siira Haagestad | Interior Design 5
Ingvild Siira Haagestad | Interior Design 4
Ingvild Siira Haagestad | Interior Design 6
1.20 Model of how the Filter and Revitalize area meets.
Ingvild Siira Haagestad | Interior Design 3
1:20 Model: Revitalize cooking table
Ingvild Siira Haagestad | Interior Design 2
1:50 Model: Revitalize and Eat.
Ingvild Siira Haagestad | Interior Design 1
1:50 Model: Entrance
Ingvild Siira Haagestad | Interior Design
1:50 Model: View from entrance