Isaac Sole

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


Born from my obsession of graphic T-shirts, From The Sole started as a way to showcase what makes my identity, such as my cultural background, my referencing to pop-culture, skate culture, streetwear and more.  

Brands and specific graphic T-shirt designs, have also played a big part of my influence. Streetwear brands such as Stussy, Carhartt W.I.P (Work In Progress), PhatBuddhaSpot and 90’s/00’s skate graphic T-shirts have inspired my visual language for the designs. I wanted some designs to represent something about myself in a subtle way either through referencing or taking nods to what I am all about, as a way to introduce myself through the clothing. Every design is hand drawn and comes from the heart and “From The Sole.” 

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Isaac Sole | Graphic Design 5
From The Sole Logo
Isaac Sole | Graphic Design 4
One of Five Designs featuring the Eye Window design.
Isaac Sole | Graphic Design 3
Tote Bag featuring logo.
Isaac Sole | Graphic Design 2
Back Design Quoting "Made In The U.K, Lagos Affiliated."
Isaac Sole | Graphic Design 1
Front Design Of Nigeria Head Design
Isaac Sole | Graphic Design

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