Isabella Chesterfield

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice - Farnham


Instagram: @bellafurreart

Phone number: 07774422132

Email address: [email protected]


Title: ‘The Lovely Ladybug’ (3:43)

Description: This stop motion animation tells the story of an old Jazz bar in an insect world.

Things are feeling run down and bluesy, when Ray, the Bar owner, gets an unexpected call from an old friend; Loretta Ladybug transforms the place with her charm and glamour. 

Being inspired by 20s to 50s New Orleans, the hair styles, accents and scenery were all carefully crafted from clay and paint with this in mind. 

Media: Clay, Wire, Paint, Stop Motion Studios

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Isabella Chesterfield | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
The Lovely Ladybug (title)

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