Isabelle Heap

BA (Hons) Textile Design / BA (Hons) Textiles for Fashion & Interiors


This project was inspired by texture and tactile surfaces. A collection of mixed media samples were created using a variety of carefully selected materials. I aimed to create a unit of work that people desired to touch and to make people think about why touch is an important sensory act to humans. Textiles is an interactive industry but we have lost a lot of tactile communication throughout the pandemic. Textiles can offer us a lot of comfort through their tactile qualities, I hoped to push boundaries by bringing together materials that often you wouldn’t see together. This collection offers a vast range of unique tactile surfaces.

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Isabelle Heap | Textiles 5
Tactile surfaces- final cloth
Isabelle Heap | Textiles 4
Tactile surfaces- jesmonite dipped boucle sample
Isabelle Heap | Textiles 3
Tactile surfaces- woven tassels sample
Isabelle Heap | Textiles 2
Tactile surfaces- jesmonite grid sample
Isabelle Heap | Textiles 1
Tactile surfaces- final piece
Isabelle Heap | Textiles
Tactile surfaces- on the loom