Isobel Shuttlewood

BA (Hons) Design for Theatre & Screen


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @isobelshuttlewood

Facebook page: @isobelshuttlewoodart

My work is based on the opera The Magic Flute. I elected to make the Serpent from the opening scene- to do this, I made two puppets; one shadow puppet of the full-bodied creature, and one large scale stage puppet of the serpent’s head and upper body designed to be directly interacted with onstage. The Serpent’s design takes inspiration from both mythology and nature, with the intention being to make a fluid, ethereal-looking creature that commands a powerful presence. My work uses a range of materials from foam to fabric, to wood, blending a broad variety of methods and techniques to achieve the most realistic and impactful look.

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Isobel Shuttlewood | Film 7
The Serpent, The Magic Flute
Isobel Shuttlewood | Film
The Serpent, The Magic Flute
Isobel Shuttlewood | Film 1View pdf
The Serpent's Scales
Isobel Shuttlewood | Film 6
The Serpent
Isobel Shuttlewood | Film 5
The Serpent puppet
Isobel Shuttlewood | Film 4
The Serpent's head
Isobel Shuttlewood | Film 3
The Serpent Shadow Puppet
Isobel Shuttlewood | Film 2
The Serpent's Eye

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