Izzi Thorneycroft

BA (Hons) Advertising


For my Final Major Project, I knew I wanted to create work for brands where I could display my imagination and playfulness. I also chose brands that I have a close personal connection with. During third year, I have nurtured an interest in experiential advertising and retail design – this is demonstrated in the work I have decided to include here. For instance, my love of charity shopping inspired me to create an out-of-home campaign for British Heart Foundation. After reading Anita Roddick’s memoir Body and Soul, I considered how The Body Shop’s physical stores could be re-designed. I wanted the brand to return to Roddick’s original ideas of retail theatricality and sustainability, while appealing to a modern audience.

Through this FMP, I have been able to work with a range of techniques, from the traditional to the experimental. For instance, for some of my Penguin Pebble app work, I experimented with monotype printing to create a distinctive style. Meanwhile, for Chez Greggs (my name for a new Greggs x Primark collaboration), I tried out food photography and digital collage. Overall, I wanted my work to have a fun, imaginative and artistic quality where I could demonstrate my various interests.


Instagram: @letsgetizzi

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Izzi Thorneycroft | Advertising 1
Penguin Pebble app design
Izzi Thorneycroft | Advertising
Izzi Thorneycroft | Advertising 7View pdf
British Heart Foundation Case Study
Izzi Thorneycroft | Advertising 6
My design for a product refill station in The Body Shop.
Izzi Thorneycroft | Advertising 5
A hang-out seating zone for my Body Shop re-design.
Izzi Thorneycroft | Advertising 4
A piece of concept work for my Body Shop project, in which I created new designs for the stores.
Izzi Thorneycroft | Advertising 3
A poster for my Chez Greggs campaign.
Izzi Thorneycroft | Advertising 2
A poster for my Chez Greggs campaign.