Izzy Argent

BA (Hons) Animation


Izzy’s graduation film ‘Changing Room’ explores the relationship women have with their bodies in a mix of unique melting colours and joyful 2D animation. The swimming pool serves as the backdrop and visceral environment for the singular character to experience, reminding those of their fears of being seen and the fear of the swimming pool itself. With a positive resolution, Izzy hopes to remind viewers that all bodies are beautiful and nothing more than a vessel for your being.

Izzy’s work explores body positivity, feminism, and taboo subjects in a fun and inspired blend of mixed media and animation. She aims to spread a positive message through her films and inspire others to nurture and celebrate their bodies. Her work is joyful, real, and universal, expressing her own feelings while relating to others.

Website:        izzyargent.com

Instagram:   @izzydrawssquish

Linkedin:       Izzy Argent

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Izzy Argent | Animation 1
The main character from 'Changing Room'
Izzy Argent | Animation
Trailer for Izzy's grad film 'Changing Room'
Izzy Argent | Animation 6
Still from 'Changing Room'
Izzy Argent | Animation 5
Still from 'Changing Room''
Izzy Argent | Animation 4
Still from 'Changing Room'
Izzy Argent | Animation 3
Still from 'Changing Room'
Izzy Argent | Animation 2
Still from 'Changing Room'

Warning - this showcase contains explicit content such as scenes of a sexual or violent nature, nudity or features strong language, and is unsuitable for under 18's.