Izzy Hogg

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier


My Atelier Signature collection is inspired by abandoned architecture, looking specifically at how nature reclaims derelict buildings.
The basis of my collection is Cattistock Lodge in Dorset. I visited this decaying building in order to take my own photographs to be used as inspiration throughout the project. The most interesting feature of the abandoned building was the plants, like ivy, consuming the structure. This informed my designs through the experimentation of wrapping and twisting which lead to the use of strips of material. The contrasting structure of the plants to the building was also taken forward through the use of soft draped panels over the structured body of the traditionally tailored garments.
Creative pattern cutting is used across my garments in order to create harsh angles to represent the building structure and decay. The addition of the strips climbing up and wrapping around the garments represents the ivy and the draped panels highlight the contrast in terms of texture and structure in nature and buildings.
My materials include three different types of wool which have grey, brown and green tones within them and a green organic bamboo silk is draped to represent the nature. There is also a orange-brick coloured cotton twill inspired by the brickwork found around the building and used to add another texture and colour to the garments.
The final roughly applied material is plaster of paris, adding further texture and highlighting the crumbling decay seen in the abandoned building of Cattistock Lodge.

My two looks effectively show the chaos of an abandoned building through the use of layers, textures and angles. When exploring an abandoned building, there are many details to notice the longer you look…

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Izzy Hogg | Fashion 6
Look 1 Close Up
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Nature Reclaiming
Izzy Hogg | Fashion 5
Look 1 and 2
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Look 1 and 2
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Look 1 and 2
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Izzy Hogg | Fashion 1
Look 1 Close Up